Tattoo Friendly Onsen! 100 Hot Springs In Beppu, Japan

Interested in onsen, but have a full sleeve?

Fear not! This article will introduce some tattoo friendly onsen in Japan.

Many of Japan’s hot springs and public baths have rules against tattooed people entering. While in Western culture tattoos are very fashionable and popular, for many Japanese people, tattoos are associated with the Yakuza. These Japanese gangsters were traditionally covered in tattoos, and thus, tattoos are now seen as a sign of a criminal.


Because of these preconceptions, a Japanese person who goes to an onsen may find it hard to relax and enjoy the bath in the presence of tattooed strangers. As the goal of the onsen is to relax both the mind and body, many onsen have banned tattoos in consideration for the many who feel uncomfortable around them.

bathing people having tattoo

Beppu: The Home Of Tattoo Friendly Onsen

However, it is a waste to come to Japan and not go to an onsen! Luckily, the onsen capital of the world, Beppu, is here to welcome all. So, you do not have to worry because even though Beppu is a small town, there are many onsen of all different types that do allow tattoos. In this place, located on the island of Kyushu, there are approximately 100 onsen that tattooed guests may enter, so no one has to give up on entering an onsen in Japan.

If you are still skeptical, you can read one tattooed foreign girl’s experience with Beppu Onsen here!

man with tattoo at Beppu Japanese hot spring in tattoo friendly onsen

Check if tattoos are ok before heading to an onsen

beppu onsen tattoo map1
You can check and download the aboveBeppu Onsen Map PDFand the followingBeppu Onsen List PDF

Print out this brochure before coming to Japan, or save it to your phone. Here, we will list which Beppu Onsen are tattoo friendly onsen. If you click on the name of the tattoo friendly onsen, you will be directed to an article where you can find photos, location, and more info about each place.

Tattoo Allowed Public Onsen

Click on the onsen’s name for the full article, information and pictures!

Hyotan Onsen

Kannawa Mushiyu

steam bath onsen Beppu

Shibaseki Onsen

Horita Onsen

horita onsen beppu tattoo

Private Onsen are always Tattoo Friendly

In most private or family baths, tattoos are ok, since you will not be seen in public. For more information on these types of baths, please read ”For Enjoying Private Onsen With More Freedom With Someone You Love

Tattoo Allowed Private Onsen


Okata No Yu

okatanoyu family bath



Tattoo-Friendly Onsen Map

In addition, we have put together a map of the onsen that allow tattoos so you can check the locations here.

Beppu’s charter motto is to “welcome visitors warmly,” and one of the ways they accomplish this is by making onsen more friendly for the tattoo-bearing foreigners that visit the city. Beppu is unique in that it has 100 options for these visitors to choose from, allowing them to enjoy onsen with everyone else!

Explore this “onsen town” to fully experience the myriad of Japanese onsen and immerse yourself in both water and culture. Please check the above map first to be sure you are entering a tattoo friendly onsen before you go!

How to get to Beppu Onsen
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    Beppu is a small hot spring resort town located on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan.

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