Japan’s Oldest Natural Hot Spring, “Chinoike Jigoku”

“Chinoike Jigoku” (Blood Pond Hell) is one of the hot spring (onsen) included in the “Jigoku Meguri” tour, in which you can enjoy famous Japanese hot spring spots all at once.
Chinoike Jigoku is the oldest natural hot spring in Japan, which has existed for more than 1300 years and as such is incredibly rare. Because of the high temperature of the hot spring’s water, there is no full body bathing, however you can enjoy free footbaths.

Point of Interest 1

It almost goes without saying that the main point of interest for Chinoike Jigoku is its unique appearance; its striking red appearance is as if the hot spring is from hell itself.
Heated red mud containing iron oxide, magnesium oxide, and similar materials is ejected from the depths below the water, and this colors it a vivid red.
You can enjoy the foot bath in which the hot water has been cooled to just the right temperature for free.

Point of Interest 2

Since long ago the red mud of Chinoike Jigoku has been used in medicine and dyes. Nowadays, you can buy ointment which is effective for skin diseases, known as Chinoikenanko.

Onsen Gourmet Food

There is the ‘Gokuratei’ restaurant adjacent to Chinoike Jigoku, as well as what is known as ‘Jigoku Mushi’ (Hell Steaming) in which you can enjoy steaming food in hot spring steam, for example Oita Prefecture’s renowned specialty dumplings and fried chicken.


How to get to Beppu, where Chinoike Jigoku is located

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