Three best effective bathing onsen

There are seven kinds of spring qualities that can be found in Beppu, the Onsen town of Japan. It is rare to have such varied kinds of Onsens in a small town. In this article, we will introduce you three of the ways to enjoy different Onsen combinations.

Onsen goers feel some way of bathing in effective way. It is called “Kinousen (Bathing in the effective way)”. It refers to a method of further enhancing the effectiveness of hot springs by bathing in a combination of two different kinds of hot springs.

Onsen Combination for Beauty Boost

Beppu has eight hot-spring areas called Beppu Hatto (Area; Beppu, Hamawaki, Kankaiji, Kamegawa, Shibaseki, Kannawa, Myoban, Horita). The best recommended combination is to enter the hot spring in Kannawa after entering the hot spring in Myoban.

STEP1. Onsen in Myoban → STEP2. Onsen in Kannawa

To maintain the beauty of your skin, cleansing and moisturizing are important. If you imagine that Myoban Onsen is like a shampoo of the skin for cleansing and Kannawa Onsen is like a conditioner of the skin for moisturizing, it may be easy to understand. Cleanses sebum and exfoliate in strong acidic hot spring in Myoban.

After that, it gets soaked in a weakly acidic hot spring in Kannawa. Hot springs in Kannawa, the skin is moisturized because the hot springs contain a lot of metasilicic acid as known as a moisturizing ingredient. Please feel your silky smooth skin.

Myoban Yu no sato and Yuya Ebisu are well known as Onsen in Myoban.
Hyotan Onsen, Kannawa Mushiyu and Shibuyo-yu are well known as Onsen in Kannnawa.

Special skin beauty course; Onsen Serum?!

In Japan, there is a hot spring called “Bijin-no-yu” which means hot water of beauty. One of them is a weakly alkaline sodium bicarbonate spring. Although you may not imagine even if it says the name of the ingredient, when you touch the hot spring, you will find and feel the thick texture like clinging itself to the body that you can not feel with water!

We recommend Teru-yu for your first bath and then, go to at Ho-zan-so or Oka-no-yu in Beppu to boost.

For the first bath, keep the sebum of your skin in good condition. Then, take a rich mineral onsen for the second. You may feel the Onsen is as if a serum for your skin which you may not feel only taking one onsen. Just reading this article would be not enough to tell you, but once you touch Onsen you will know it. Enjoy the texture of soft hot spring water with abundant nature’s beauty minerals.

Reborn Experience

Why don’t you refresh more by taking “Oniishi no yu” after “Kannawa Mushi yu”? “Kannawa Mushi yu” has a relaxing atmosphere in dark and narrow inside area. You may feel like meditating. On the other hand, “Oniishi no yu” has an open-air bath. You may feel like breathing deeply to get fresh air. This combination seems like a relaxing experience from the womb to the outside, as if you could experience your birth once again. Do you think you can meet your new self as if you were reborn?

We introduce you “Kinousen (Bathing in the effective way)”. This combinations were born from the experience of Onsen goers. Another combination is Mushi yu (Steam bath) and Suna yu (Sand bath) which may boost metabolism. The place with the highest number of onsen sources in Japan is Beppu. Not only one quality of Onsen, but each Onsen has different spring qualities, therefore you can enjoy the luxuriousness of onsen bathing in Beppu. Which onsen combination will you find?

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