What are Beppu’s charms according to Enjoy Onsen’s editorial department??

This time, Enjoy Onsen’s media editorial department will be attacking someone with an interview!
What kind of person? What is the true charm of Beppu that we’ve mentioned? All kinds of suspicions are drawing near!

If you read this, you may realize that Beppu is not just the city of hot springs, but that it has other attractions as well!? So, by all means, please try to read!

What our editor is like?

Me: Hello! Now then, please start off with a self-introduction!

Timo: Okay. I’m Timo, a member of Enjoy Onsen’s media editorial department!
I am a hot spring master with a hot spring visitation count of 2532, and spent my undergraduate years in Beppu. I really, really, really, love traveling!
Also, I like to communicate and talk with people the best!
I’d like to try and meet our readers in Beppu!

Me: Thank you for the introduction! Naturally, you’re perfectly suited for Enjoy Onsen, a media which specializes in hot springs. So, Timo, what kind of place is your favorite place in Beppu?

Timo: I like both the “people” and “hot springs” which reside in Beppu!
Because the hot springs are scattered around the town, it is a place where the hot springs bleed into daily life.
One of the Beppu citizens’ charters states, “Let’s welcome customers warmly.”
I love this city which really embodies it.

There is one episode where this citizens’ charter was really represented. One day, I was in a hot spring where local people gathered and, when I was talking with a local grandma, a foreigner came in. The grandma asked, “Where did you come from?” A natural conversation began and, from there on, we had fun talking about various things. That foreigner was also very pleased.

But this is a common story in Beppu. Not only are the hot springs warm but so are the people, and that’s what I love about this town.

Me: Thank you for the love you give to Beppu.

Recommeded onsen by the editor

Me: I felt a love and enthusiasm for Beppu that I couldn’t possibly convey in writing! What hot spring do your recommend, Timo?

Timo: The Kannawa Steam Bath! When you want to start the morning off feeling great, or when your friends come to Beppu to play, it’s without exception.

I changed into a yukata, went through a teeny-tiny door, and I was immediately healed by the indescribable aroma of Japanese sweet flag grass. The unique experience of lying atop that grass was the best ten minutes of my life.

A refreshing bath after sweating – this combination is only found here.

This is my top recommended hot spring. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Kannawa steaming bath

Me: Thank you!

How to spend time in Beppu

Me: Kannawa Steam Bath sounds like it feels amazing…! Finally, please give foreigners your recommendation on how to spend their time and leave a message for people coming to Beppu!

Timo: First, I want to thank you for just thinking about coming to Beppu! It’s a small town, but it’s filled with warmth.

My recommendation for how to spend your time is to say “Konnichiwa” when you first enter the hot springs. I don’t think they can speak English, but they’ll welcome you with a smile. This article seems like it’ll be helpful!

Onsen communication

Come to Beppu and don’t just feel the warmth of the hot springs, but also the warmth of the people!^^

How to get to Beppu Onsen.
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