Feeling Nature with the Whole Body: The Ultimate Bath Time

This time’s article picks up on four hot springs which allow visitors to feel nature such as the mountains and sea in Beppu – the world’s best hot spring town.

The Roar of Waves and Sea Breeze Fills the Earth

In Beppu, there are a variety of hot springs which capsize your general concept of a bath. The sand bath is one of them. Sweat gradually seeps out when buried in the sand warmed by many hot springs. That sensation can be experienced at “Beppu Kaihin Sunayu” – Beppu Seaside Sand Bath.

Because this sand bath utilizes the natural sandy beach, while buried in pleasantly warm sand you can listen to the ocean waves and feel the gentle sea breeze, you will feel as though you have become one with nature.

Nature’s Blessing. Nature Pack Under the Blue Sky.

No matter where you go in Japan, you will not find such a hot spring. This hot spring we speak of is “Beppu Onsen Hoyoland” – Beppu Recuperation Land. There are three major characteristics: A natural mud bath, an open air bath, and a co-ed bath. Even though it’s a co-ed bath, only some parts are true to the label, namely the open air bath here.

While the indoor bath is also enjoyable, if you like nature, while enjoying the mountain air and scenery, we recommend relaxing in the spacious open air bath. Although it is co-ed, the men’s and women’s section is properly divided by bamboo poles, and women can come and go as they through a corner of the bath while submerged in murky waters, so there is no need to worry about nudity!

Mud blown out from beneath the ground of the hot spring is rich in minerals, becoming smooth when applied to the skin. It truly is a nature pack enjoyed in nature.

Relaxing to Your Heart’s Content Via Reservation

Hot springs and nature – these words are irresistibly charming but, as expected, public nudity is undeniably embarrassing. There’s other people, right? But rest assured! Beppu will not abandon you. That is “Shunkashuutou” — the Four Seasons.

In accordance with its name, the Four Seasons is a hot spring surrounded by nature through which the transitioning of seasons can be viewed and enjoyed. Including the large bath and existing private bath, all hot springs here are open air. The private baths where there are waterfalls or you can see fireflies are also unique!

The Secret Hot Spring Where the Earth’s Energy is Felt

As some of you may already know, hot springs are the blessings of the earth brought about by geothermal and volcanic activity. It is possible to realize this here in “Tsukahara Hot Spring.” There’s a crater next to this hot spring.

After admiring the billowing gases, enjoy a hot spring surrounded by a peaceful mountain atmosphere. Taking into account not only the unique location but also the fact that it is said to be Japan’s three major medicinal baths with rare hot spring water qualities, there’s no one who wouldn’t go, right?

Now then, this month, we covered a number of nature themed hot springs on two occasions, but have you found any hot springs you would like to visit? (Check out this article on hot springs where you can experience nature near the Hell Tours!)
If you haven’t purchased your ticket to Beppu, you might want to get a head start because the best season to enjoy nature and hot springs is limited – the distant summer that’s way too hot but allows the enjoyment of the fresh vendure and the beautiful changing of colors during Autumn. Will you come to Beppu to heal the body and heart while forgetting everyday life?

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