If You Want Beautiful Skin, Then it’s “Hyotan Onsen”!

“Hyotan Onsen” is a bathing hot spring (onsen) that is truly representative of Beppu, Japan, which has won the highest rank of 3 stars from the Michelin Tour Guide ranking.

Point of Interest 1

At the variety rich Hyotan Onsen you can enjoy a wide range of hot springs. You can slowly bathe in outdoor baths, rock baths, Hinoki baths, as well as hot spring steam steaming rooms, and a bath in which water flows from above like a waterfall. Being able to enjoy this wide variety of hot springs in one place, even within Japan, is quite rare.

Point of Interest 2

Hyotan Onsen has alkaline waters. If you first bathe in the nearby Myoban Yunosato Onsen, its acidic waters clean the sebum and dirt from the skin, meaning that if you then bathe at Hyotan Onsen, the moisturizing ingredients of its alkaline waters are able to better penetrate the skin, assisting in the smoothing and purification of skin. By all means give the combination of Myoban Yunosato and Hyotan Onsen a go!

Onsen Gourmet Foods

You can enjoy cooking using hot spring steam, and especially recommended is Tempura Chicken-‘Toriten’. When steamed before being fried, Toriten is exquisite.

How to get to Beppu, where Hyotan Onsen is located

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