For enjoying private onsen with more freedom with someone you love

When you want to go to a hot spring (onsen) with your family, partner, friends or loved ones, we recommend private onsen which let you enjoy a private moment with them.

The spring quality, properties and ambience vary with every private onsen.
The appeal of Beppu, a hot spring (onsen) resort town which produces the largest amount of hot spring(onsen) water in Japan, is that it offers a variety of ways of enjoying the hot springs (onsen) to suit every taste, from the color of the water to the size of the bath and accommodation plan.

This article introduces the typical family baths of Beppu.

Yuya Ebisu

Yuya Ebisu is a family bath at which the hot spring water comes has ingredients from a sulfur fountain that make the skin delicately smooth.
There are five family baths in total, as well as some which come with a Jacuzzi.

Myoban Yunosato

At Myoban Yunosato there are 4 family baths in the Japanese traditional “straw roofing” style. This is very rare, and means you can enjoy hot springs that have plenty of feeling and spirit to them.


You can choose your preferred type of family bath from a selection of more than 20 unique options, such as those made of natural stone, as well as ceramic and barrel baths.

Mugennosato Shunkashuutou (The Mysterious Village of the 4 Seasons)

The charming family bath, “Takinoyu”, has a dynamic waterfall that flows before your eyes. It’s a hot spring where you can relax surrounded by nature.

Hyotan Onsen

There are more than 14 different types of family baths to choose from at Hyotan Onsen, where the hot water is changed every time. You can also enjoy what is known as “Mushimu”, in which you don’t actually enter the water.

The Fresh Onsen!

I visited a private onsen called Kazoku Buro as there’s no such place in Korea.
“Hyotan Buro” is filled with new onsen water every time. I found it interesting, special, and clean and loved it.
Next time, I will come back again with my son.
[Kyung Tae, Kim from Korea]

A Time Flies!

This place has not only an open-air bath and steam bath but a variety of onsens that we really enjoyed!
It was the first time using a private onsen. We could spend a relaxing and satisfying time while seeing the beautiful nature. The best part is that you won’t be separated from your family or partner in a private onsen.
[Haruhi & Milo from Switzerland]

More than just family baths, there are many kinds of hot springs in Japan!
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