An Onsen That’s Cobalt Blue Like The Ocean, “Umi-Jigoku”

“Umi Jigoku”(Sea Hell) is one of the hot springs (onsen) included in the “Jigoku Meguri” (Hell Tour), in which you can enjoy famous Japanese hot spring spots all at once. Contrary to the name ‘hell’ by which the tour is called, the cobalt blue color gives the water a very beautiful and dazzling appearance. Impressive vegetation and souvenirs, as well as the expected hot springs are plentiful, and whilst there is no whole body bathing experience, you can enter the free foot bath.

Point of Interest 1

The water is a truly beautiful cobalt blue, which is rare even amongst Japanese hot springs. The reason for the blue color of the water is its naturally high levels of iron sulfate, meaning that it is entirely natural and not a result of coloring.

The color of the water may be a cool blue, but the hot spring’s temperature is actually 98°C. It’s so hot that even boiled eggs are made in the hot spring waters!

Point of Interest 2

At Umi Jigoku the heat that the hot spring provides its environment is used to grow plants from the Amazon region. In particular the masterpiece of the plant life is the royal water lily, which is so large that younger elementary school students (up to 20kg) can stand on it! From August to early November you can also enjoy beautiful flowers.


Onsen Gourmet Foods

The amount of gourmet food unique to Japanese hot springs is also quite substantial, such as eggs boiled in hot spring water, and pudding and sweet buns steamed in hot spring steam. There are also souvenirs related to Japanese hot springs that can be bought at Umi Jigoku.

How to get to Beppu, where Umi Jigoku is located

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