An Onsen on the hill with a superb view, “Yuya Ebisu”

Yuya Ebisu is a part of the Ebisu Ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn) founded 143 years ago, and has been healing, both body and soul, through the power of hot springs since the Edo Period.  You can enjoy luxurious hot springs and stunning landscapes from the onsen’s hillside location, which overlooks Beppu Bay

Point of Interest 1

At Yuya Ebisu there are two types of hot spring, the “Sulfur Spring” and the “Simple Spring”.The “Sulfur Spring” is characterised by its unique smell and cloudy coloured water, which has a peeling effect, helping to purify and smooth the skin.
The “Simple Spring”, by contrast, is colourless, transparent, weakly alkaline, and also contains moisturising ingredients, meaning it has a moisturising effect on the skin.
It’s recommended to enter the Sulfur Spring followed by the Simple Spring for best results, and the smoothest skin!

Point of Interest 2

If you want to relax and be healed and soothed with someone important to you, the family bath is definitely the best.
Please enjoy the calm space and private time afforded to you by this relaxing environment.

Rock Bathing

You can also enjoy a rock bath which skilfully takes advantage of negative ions.
Lay down on the stone, and, whilst relaxing under the soft lighting, release your impurities and heal your fatigue.

How to get to Beppu, where Yuya Ebisu is located

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